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Upstart1k - One coin to compile them all…

AgreCoin compiles the top 6 coins and makes them into their own “fund”. This minimizes risk, but still gives you gains from all the major coins!

  • The top 6 volume based coins are purchased, 1/6th each.
  • These coins are then purchased daily based on new funds we receive.
  • As the top 6 go up in value, so does Agrecoin.
  • Easier the manage then the standard btc and eth only investments.

The best coin out there for getting the most out of your favorite altcoins without having to micromange your money. We will buy them all and give you the profits from our investments, nothing more nothing less. Only the bottom 1000 coins, all the time.

  • The lowest 1000 coins on the markets are purchased.
  • Our coin value will go up as the market values of the 1000 coins goes up.
  • You make money based on the rise in the entire market as a whole.
  • Less risky than trying to pick the favorites.


The biggest news in 2017 was the rise of cryptocurrency into legitimate global economic spheres worldwide. This long awaited opportunity was a way to manifest radical economic shifts otherwise not possible given the current tight tendencies of the conventional markets towards startup culture. Instead of limiting wealth to the usual suspects, the ICO markets have quickly made many radical business ideas into tangible reality. The issue is that instability in such radical markets easily spooks investors, due to the rapid swings in prices, even amongst the top dogs in the market. This is why Agre-Coin was invented. It went from a baby market to a juggernaut seemingly overnight. The two juggernauts themselves and their rise is denoted below.


True growth requires stability

As such, the need for stable market equilibrium is quickly presenting itself. Such a hedge would provide stability to both investors and common crypto users alike. Say what you want about the viability of crypto long-term; because if there is no stability, then there is no solid market. Chances for Crypto survival decrease as long-term market volatility increases. Hence we have created the solution for base level and advanced investors alike. A coin fund based upon the top 6 selling coins at any one time on the market. Thereby diversifying risk, while consolidating gains for the top 6 most stable currencies on the market. This will ensure traders the ability to trade without needing to worry about overt diversification or super high-risk altcoins losing 2,000 percent in a day. Second graph represents what AgreCoin would have done over the past year to date, as compared to the first BTC/ETH graph.

Token sale details

Quarterly Reporting and full transparency of the business.

  • 50 million tokens will be issued.
  • During the presale and crowdsale, a total of 30% of the total available BIP tokens will be sold.
  • Crowd funding starts December 1st to January 31st. After that, the remaining unsold tokens will be burned and no more will be able to be issued.

Allocation and distribution of tokens.

  • 30% tokens will be sold during the presale and crowdsale
  • 2.5% tokens will be reserved for Referral Rewards
  • 2.5% tokens will be reserved for Bounty Programs
  • 15% tokens will be offered after Platform Launch
  • 30% tokens will be offered for Founders, Advisors and team members
  • 20% tokens are allotted for Other Expenses (Operations, Legal, PR, Consulting, Development, Technical Support, and Audit)

Asset management

Along with infrastructure change delays, the problem of having many digital assets increases as the number of ICOs increases. Making investments more difficult to manage. Despite this many investors will acquire a variety of desired crypto tokens as part of their investment strategy. Our exchange will also support such functionality, as our coins will be available for open trade on the other major coin marketplaces. Other than that our assets will be directly accounted for in the fund currencies we are investing in daily.

Infrastructure of AgreCoin and UpStart1k trading

Agre coin will be based on a basket of the 6 top currencies trading at any point in the crypto market based on volume via (ie Bitcoin, DodgeCoin, Ethereum etc)

Upstart 1k will feature the bottom 1000 coins from which will be purchased daily to average out the massive gains from the smaller alt coins.

All purchases will be made in the mornings on South African time and will be available for review, via our quarterly accountability reports via Skype.

Currencies all pegged to the local fiat currency of their respective country. (For example 1 Iraqi dinar will equal one dinar coin.) So to mitigate instability in fiat, we will also have our tokens easily trade-able into AgreCoin’s thereby allowing investors a safe haven in case of political instability in the region. These currencies will always carry 50 percent cash on hand reserve, in order to be fully sharia law compliant. This backs investors’ money with local dollars and insures the stability of AgreCoin as a trading network. Keep in mind that most modern banks only are required to keep somewhere between 3-20 percent of cash on hand to back up their outstanding assets. Hence we arrive at the term “fiat” banking. Our coin will surpass this in terms of our quarterly accountability “open the books” sessions via skype. Along with our open source transaction legers.



ICO and AgreCoin/Upstart1k deployment (early 2018)

We will roll out AgreCoin after our ICO for initial coin usage and open market trading.

Purchasing of Reserves (early 2018)

We will also immediately start purchasing the different collective funds that back 95% of our reserves the moment that the ICO Closes.

Build Out of Backend Infrastructure (early 2018)

We are going to spend top dollar securing our coin cash out process so that both the fund and investor are protected from hacks, fraud etc etc. This will already be in place, but will be further enhanced, along with a better payment platform where we can accept btc, eth, wire, to purchase coins as well.

We will then begin working with Kyber (late 2018)

We will also then create a unique (non-market exchange reliant) token exchange platform with Kyber, for easy conversions between our tokens and other traditional tokens to minimize fees for our token holdersф, accountability and low fees for our tokeneers!

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Blockchain technology holds the great promise of enabling decentralized protocols, applications and organizations. Much of this enthusiasm is driven by Bitcoin and Ethereum, the main software platforms where these are built. Yet, we’ve seen $60m+ lost to hacks to blockchain-based projects in the past 6 months. Recent scandals have exposed the high risks and challenges every project faces: the problem of how to write simple and secure code that deals with several real types of money. Still, there are no widely adopted security standards or best practices for projects to follow. There are no tools for developers to easily create, test, verify and audit smart contracts, and do so collaboratively. We believe that the only way to make this happen is for existing and emerging projects to cooperate and build them together. Using OpenZeppelin as the basis for our library, we are going to create the new token(AgreCoin) contract and the token(AgreCoin) will be compatible with ERC-20 token.


As mentioned above, the AgreCoin token contract will be based on the OpenZeppelin library. OpenZeppelin is an open-source framework to build secure smart contracts. It’s meant to provide secure, tested and audited code to enable the new generation of distributed applications, protocols and organizations. Using Smart Contract Solutions, we believe will create an open financial and economic system for the world. We’ve been working on using blockchain technology to improve the experience of creating and running businesses. We plan to use OpenZeppelin as the core technology to achieve this vision.


Ethereum, the popular cryptocurrency and blockchain system, is based on the use of tokens which can be bought, sold, or traded. There are several different tokens which may be used in conjunction with Ethereum, and these differ from ether, which is the currency native to the Ethereum blockchain. Tokens, in this case, represent digital assets that can have a variety of values attached. They can represent assets as diverse as vouchers, IOUs, or even objects in the real world. In this way, tokens are essentially smart contracts that make use of the Ethereum blockchain. One of the most significant token standards of all for Ethereum is called ERC-20.


  1. Configuring the network
    KyberNetwork is on the basis of an on-chain protocol which allows instant exchange and conversion of digital assets (e.g. cryto tokens) and cryptocurrencies (e.g. Ether, Bitcoin, Zcash) with high liquidity. The main purpose is to implement several ideal operating properties of an exchange including trustless, decentralized execution, instant trade and high liquidity.
    There are 5 roles for the actors in the network.
    1. Users who send and receive token to and from the network. Users in KyberNetwork includes individual users, smart contract accounts and merchants. 2. A reserve entity provides liquidity to the platform. This can be our own reserve or other third party reserves that are registered by other market makers. Reserves can also be classified into public and private reserves which do and do not take contributions from the public. 3. Reserve contributors who provide capital to the reserve entity and share the platform profit. This actor only exists in public reserves which accept contributions from public to build up the reserve.. 4. Reserve manager who maintains the reserve, determines exchange rates and feeds the rates to the KyberNetwork. 5. KyberNetwork operator who is responsible to add and remove reserve entities, list/delist pairs of tokens in the network. Initially the Kyber team will act as the KyberNetwork operators to bootstrap the platform in the early phases. Later on, a proper decentralized governance will be set up to take over the task.
  2. Token Contract Overview
    World Contract Token contract will be based on the OpenZeppelin. OpenZeppelin is a library that has extensive and well tested smart contracts that adhere to security best practices.
  3. Registration Security
    By using the notary service, the user registration security problem will be solved perfectly.(follows as below picture)
  4. Dapp design
    Our Dapp consist of openzeppelin contract and web interface.
    In more detail: Dapp = OpenZeppelin contract + web interface


Technical overview Security overview

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If you want to contribute, send ETH to one of ours crowdsale address

Contribute in AgreCoin

Send ETH to 0x15071ca0feca4e4a61f68a7f0c37b21a2a506a23

Add 0xd440847d27eb1eaadfc0a41f829ff28db834de0f as a new token with code AGRE and 18 decimals (optional)

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Max Gas Price: 50 Gwei

Start time: 2017-12-04 22:00 UTC

End time: 2017-12-18 22:00 UTC

1 ETH = 481 AGRE

ICO status


Check token balance

Contribute in UpStart1K

Send ETH to 0x42547f0b2191022481f760efb378399307acfb85

Add 0x0f70aa8ac96a873d6cb94cb83cb8d621cb2f85d7 as a new token with code UP1K and 18 decimals (optional)

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Max Gas Price: 50 Gwei

Start time: 2017-12-05 11:00 UTC

End time: 2017-12-18 22:00 UTC

1 ETH = 381 UP1K

ICO status


Check token balance

NOTE: Do not send funds from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex etc



Token contract will be based on OpenZeppelin library. Token will be compatible with ERC20 token standard.

Name AgreCoin
Symbol AGRE
Decimals 18

During ICO token will be mintable. After end of the crowdsale no more tokens will be minted. During ICO token transfers will be paused (to prevent sell on marketplaces like EtherDelta during ICO). Token is not intended to be an owner other another tokens and contracts. If it is accidentally set to be an owner it should allow to reclaim them. For this purpose token extends HasNoContracts and HasNoTokens contracts. Token holders are able to burn (sell to the contract and withdraw from circulation) part of their tokens, and receive some reward. This reward is calculated as <amount_of_burned_tokens> * <amount_of_ETH_on the_contract> / <total_amount_of_tokens>. Token holders will be able to burn their tokens and receive burning reward using any Ethereum wallet with ERC20 token support.  Some examples are: MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Coinomi and Mist. It will be possible to check the reward amount using blockchain explorers like etherscan. (More details can be found at BurnableToken page on github)


Start date and time TBD (first block with timestamp greater than this)
End date and time
(Crowdsale may be finished earlier if all tokens are sold)
TBD (last block with timestamp lesser than this)
Minimum amount of tokens sold for crowdsale to be successful
(ether will be refunded if not successful)
100 000
Amount of tokens to be sold for crowdsale to be finished before scheduled date and
after some time after this limit reached
(soft cap)
not applicable
Maximum amount of tokens (hard cap):
both sold and reserved for owner
50 000 000
Token distribution For each 30 tokens paid by buyer another 70 tokens will be minted and
sent to owner wallet.
Token price 1 ETH = 600 WLD
Additional 2.5% bonus tokens will be added as referral reward, from which
- 1% to buyer
- 1.5% to refferal partner
Transaction gas price limit* 50 Gwei
(to be changed before and during ICO to represent current gas price used by popular wallets by default)

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Andy Fur

Cloud Security Specialist Show biography

Pavel Rubin

Blockchain Developer Show biography

Alexander Misuno

Mobile Developer

Phillip Mccarty

UX Designer

Andy Fur

Andy Fuhr will be you security guy on the team. He does cloud based analysis at the highest levels and knows security well. Albeit hes a networking expert not a blockchain guy so much.


Pavel Rubin

Backside/ UX developer with 10 plus years expirience.
Mathematics and Electronics Graduate from Moscow State University.
Data Scientist and Developer for Blockchain.
Ethereum contracts and live sports and betting statistics.
Experienced ICO Developer and Consultant.